wet wednesday

22 Nov

oh Wednesday, we got your number.  Mid week, accelerated crunch times, celebrated thoughts of the coming weekend, and, to some- like myself- working in the industry, Wednesday could very well be role-playing your Monday. Either way, we all have  certain withering and weary thoughts of Wednesday. well, while wading through rush-hour downtown, why don’t you anticipate setting your Wednesday waddle into the King Eddy Hotel‘s cushy Consort-Bar and having a dirty bird martini while watching the traffic settle. Wet your lips and watch your mouth water as you take a sip of their Tanqueray Ten dirty gin martini. Couple it with a sideways glance at the starched collared, brown eyed bartender. Quench your thirst and bite down on the salty nibbles she brings to your table. Wet your Wednesday and wring out your weekday wither with a Consort’s passerby’s martini.

Wet your Wednesday with a Consort Bar’s dirty martini


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